QR Invoice is a cloud-based accounts receivable software program utilizing proprietary QR Code technology for secure B2B mobile payments and real-time invoice reconciliation and reporting.

B2B Mobile Payments

QR Invoice is a cloud-based accounts receivable system that collects funds via mobile devices using proprietary and secure QR Code technology.

Scan and Pay

A QR Code is included on every invoice and upon delivery customers scan it to automatically initiate payment by ACH, credit card, or debit card.

Secure Transactions

QR Invoice is a secure and efficient accounts receivable software service that eliminates theft, reduces payment processing fees, and reduces payment time.

How QR Invoice Works

QR Invoice manages the accounts receivable process with a comprehensive solution that tracks invoices and payments, provides detailed reporting and includes a robust financial dashboard. QR Invoice also seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks™ for those businesses already using the service but want the convenience, efficiency, security and instant payment QR Invoice provides.

Invoicing and collecting payments just got a whole lot easier…and better!


    QR Invoice manages the payment of invoices securely and simply through smartphones and tablets.


    QR Invoice is easy to setup, manage and execute and payment transactions are completed within seconds.


    QR Invoice codes are proprietary, secure and encrypted to combat fraud and ensure transactions are safe for both sender and recipient.


    Your customers can pay an invoice at the time of delivery, wherever they are, with a simple scan of a QR Code.


    Payment is electronically deposited directly into your bank account. Minimal transaction fees save money over credit and debit cards.


    Payment can also be made via credit and debit cards providing options to your customers. They can even select at time of payment.


    Assign access to various team members, including an accountant, and control data accessed and functionality level by user.


    At a glance see the total amount of paid invoices, invoices issued, open invoices, those overdue, and more. Download and/or print reports.

Secure and Reliable

The threat of security and fraud continue to be a barrier to widespread adoption of mobile payments. QR Invoice overcomes these barriers.

QR Invoice uses proprietary technology to generate the only encrypted QR Codes available in the industry. No bank account, credit or debit card information is shared during in the transaction. Each QR Invoice code is non-transferable and can only be unlocked with a single use PIN code. QR Invoice codes are ISO compliant and the most secure in the industry.

All QR codes are not the same. As a result of our relationship with DENSO Wave, the inventor of the QR Code, QR Invoice codes are not only secure, they are easily and reliably read and scanned, ensuring transactions will be completed without issue.


QR Invoice Benefits

Processes secure transactions
Collects payments immediately
Reduces theft, loss of funds and slow pay
Decreases wait time for payments
Eliminates trips to the banks


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