QR Mobile Pay Launches QR Invoice

Accounts Receivable Service Advances Business-to-Business Mobile Payments with Proprietary and Secure QR Code Technology

Batavia, IL October 8, 2015

QR Invoice, a cloud-based mobile payment and accounts receivable service utilizing secure and proprietary QR Code technology, is now available to U.S. businesses. With QR Invoice, a QR Code is included on every invoice. Customers scan the QR Code with a mobile device to automatically initiate payment. QR Invoice is secure, efficient, reduces theft, and increases payment time.

QR Invoice, a subsidiary of QR Mobile Pay, uses proprietary technology to generate its QR Codes. QR Mobile Pay holds one of only 3 North American licenses with DENSO WAVE, inventor of the QR Code. As a result, QR Invoice codes are easily and reliably scanned, ensuring transactions will be completed without issue. Each QR Invoice code is non-transferable and can only be unlocked with a single use PIN code. QR Invoice is ISO compliant and meets or exceeds industry standards for financial service companies. QR Invoice combats fraud and ensures payments are safe for both sender and recipient.

QR Invoice processes payments via bank transfers, debit cards or credit cards. No payment information is exchanged or transmitted, making it a secure and convenient payment system. The customer can even select the payment method at the time of payment, providing both flexibility and convenience.

“QR Invoice takes processing, collecting and managing invoices and accounts receivables to a new level,” said Christy Noel, President of QR Mobile Pay. “QR Invoice provides a level of security, reliability, and efficiency not available through other mobile payment services. We are excited to provide QR Invoice’s many benefits to businesses and enable them to manage their payment processing safely, quickly, and efficiently.”

QR Invoice manages the accounts receivable process with a comprehensive solution that tracks invoices and payments, provides detailed reporting, and includes a robust financial dashboard. QR Invoice also seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks™ for businesses already using the service but want the convenience, efficiency, security and instant payment QR Invoice provides.

QR Invoice is available through a network of resellers, the company’s website, and the Google Chrome web store.